My History with 3D Printing

Hello, My name is Graham, I am a Tinkerer and Natural Scientist. My first 3D Printer was purchased from a local hobby shop here in Saskatoon, Express Hobbies. I went with a Makerbot Mini, and i wasn’t disappointed. 3D printing opens a world upon worlds in which we can express ourselves, 3D sculpting to me is something that seems sort of unreachable, I cannot really visualize what i want to sculpt, making it quite difficult for me. For my bigger projects I use a FlashForge Dreamer 3D Printer, a very reliable Printer as well as the Makerbot Mini. On Facebook the user communities are great for solving printer woes. In closing if an idea enters your mind, remember it visually, there is a great likelihood that your idea is accomplish able by means of 3D printing technology!

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