An Aspergers Approach To 3D Printing

I am an Aspergers Syndrome Individual , My view of 3D printing is such that i can do anything within a set confined space…..wether that space be  23 x 15 x 14 cm or our planet.My advice for beginners to 3D is always try to visual how the print will come out….now i know this isn’t for everybody , but bear with me for one minute, visualize the layers printed on top of each other , and try to see the overhangs in your chosen model(s).Just pressing “add supports” in a model editor/slicer does not guarantee a successful model in completion. checking for errors in a models structure, can be accomplished by sites such as for example: a very handy service. in closing  remember 3D printing is ALOT of hit and miss, even if you think you are a pro at it , something will ALWAYS come up and throw you. have patience and happy printing!

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