what printer should I buy?

well when buying a 3d printer consider that like a child you will (hopefully) grow into the printer…so I say buy a printer with a fair size build plate so you can make decent sized prints, the problem with Mini printers is there build volume is just that Mini, now this will most likely require over $1000 investment for a decent build volume and a reliable printer.

I use a FlashForge Dreamer Printer at the time of this writing , FlashForge is overall value for the money you put in, they are a workhorse printer and i reccomend them. if you have deeper pockets then Makerbot or Zortrax printers might be for you (I started with a Makerbot Mini Printer) I have an interest in SLA Printers such as formlabs unit, a company in Saskatoon Saskatchewan (Create Cafe 3D Printing) makes a rival product to form labs called the XYE 3D Printer and is MUCH cheaper than the Formlabs unit. The XYE Printer is a take off of the Peachy Printer (which was impeached by the way)

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